November 7, 2022 Management information

Kyotango Forest Park Swiss Village was registered as a base

Thank you very much for always using "Kyo-Bike".


We have added Kyotango Forest Park Swiss Village as a new base.


Swiss Village, located in Amanohashidate Oeyama Quasi-National Park, is a facility where you can spend time in rich nature, such as a cool highland auto campground, bungalows with campsites, and tennis courts.

Because it is located at the foot of Mt. Taiko, a local landmark, it is the highest altitude in Tango, and can be used not only for stargazing and nature observation, but also as a resting place for bicycles and motorcycle trips on the Tango Peninsula course.

Pets can also stay at the auto campsite, so it is recommended for those who want to spend a leisurely time with their family surrounded by the forest.


Thank you very much.


* Click here for the Kyotango Forest Park Swiss Village website.