Guided tour information

Guide tour

Preparing for service

Guided tour with discount e-Bike 1-day rental.
A guide will show you around various spots.

e-Bike Rental & Guided Tour

Morning: 10:00-12:00 / Afternoon: 13:00-15:00

Basic charge6,000yen-/day(tax included)

Elementary and junior high school students start at 3,000 yen, and infants are free.

*Prices vary depending on the tour course.

Advantages of guided tours

  • 1

    Guided by bicycle professionals

    A cycle tourism veteran will deliver an appropriate trip according to the user.

  • 2

    very safe

    Accidents and breakdowns are dealt with swiftly and courteously.

  • 3

    Flexibility to adapt to weather and schedule changes.

    Even in sudden rain or poor physical condition, it responds flexibly to course changes.

  • 4

    little-known spot

    Since I am familiar with the local area, I can guide you from the standard to the secret place.