Act on specified commercial transactions.

Specified Commercial Transaction Act
Business name Specified Nonprofit Corporation Minori no Mori Theater
Business location 43 Uzumasa Tayabucho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8167
person in charge Chika Izuta
Contact/Web site
Contact/TEL 075-882-3309
Usage Fee/Other Necessary Fees It is described on the usage fee / time page.
Delivery time of products, etc. The e-BIKE can be used immediately after completing the rental reservation.
Payment timing and method [Rental reservation use]
The usage fee will be deferred and will be paid from the registered credit card on the day of reservation.
The billing date varies depending on each card company.

[Use local counter]
Please pay the usage fee in advance by credit card or cash at the window.