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e-BIKE Rental "Kyo-Bike"

"Kyo-Bike" is an e-BIKE rental service that can be rented at any of the three bases: Forest Park Swiss Village, Ukawa Onsen Yoshino no Sato, and Ikari Kogen Steakhouse, and can be droped at any base(*).
Why don't you enjoy micro-tourism to your heart's content, including one-day hot springs, local gourmet food, and the best views of the Kansai coastline?
*A separate drop-off fee will be required if the vehicle is dropped off at a location other than the base.

Let's go on a journey
around the beautiful
"Kyoto by the Sea" from
three bases in Kyotango!

View the location of the three bases on the map

View the website of each base

Model course around each base


What is e-BIKE?

A next-generation electric assisted bicycle for sports that is a road/cross/mountain bike with a motor.
It is a tourist tool for the new era that pursues the "pleasure of running" to the limit, allowing you to go long distances and slopes with a different level of comfort than conventional bicycles and electric assisted bicycles.


First, make a reservation online!

Please select a base from the Kyo-Bike website or App and make an e-BIKE rental reservation.(*)
*If e-BIKE is available, you can rent it directly on site.

Rental plan/price

Visit the rental base on the e-BIKE
rental reservation date

Please come to the base where you made the rental reservation during business hours and accept it.(*)
We will explain the handling and rental of e-BIKE.
* If you do not come to the base on the rental reservation date, it will be automatically canceled.


Enjoy your e-BIKE ride!

After the reception and rental explanation, please enjoy the superb view of "Kyotango" by handling the e-BIKE.
The app has useful functions such as taking driving records and looking up information on nearby spots, so please make use of it.


Kyoto by the Sea "Tango Peninsula"
Ride is irresistible live!

Kyotango is an area with a lot of ups and downs, but it's comfortable with an electric-assisted e-BIKE!
It is convenient because you can immediately park where you want to park, and you can quickly go to hidden spots that are not listed in tourist brochures!


After enjoying the ride,
return the e-BIKE to the base!

Return it to the rental base within the rental time.(*)
If you cannot return the item to the location where you rented it, or if you want to extend it, please contact the location where you rented it.
* It is also possible to return the e-BIKE to a location other than the rented location.


You can rest assured that we have various types of accident insurance to cover your injuries.

I have various types of insurance,Enjoy your ride with peace of mind.
*The user is responsible for any damage that exceeds the compensation limit.

Peace of mind support