Frequently Asked Questions

About rental

What is e-BIKE rental?

This is a bicycle rental service with an electric assist unit attached to a sports bike.

I would like to use it. Can I use it immediately?

Please make a rental reservation from the website or app and use it.

Can I apply for use at the counter?

If there is an e-BIKE available on the day, you can also rent it directly at each base window.
However, we do not accept reservations at the window, so please make a rental reservation from the website or app.

Is there an age limit for using e-BIKE?

There is no particular age limit, but if you are not tall enough, you may not be able to rent.

Can I rent multiple e-BIKEs at the same time?

It is possible for one user to reserve multiple e-BIKEs.

What do I need to use Kyo-Bike Rental Reservation?

It is assumed that you can conveniently use it with a web browser and app on your smartphone, so you will need a credit card and a smartphone.
If you do not have a smartphone, you can make a rental reservation if you have a computer or tablet that can receive emails, but please note that some functions may not be available.

Are Kyo-Bikes insured?

In case of emergency, Kyobike provides insurance against injuries to users and compensation to third parties.
Please check here for details.

* If the compensation limit is exceeded, the user will be responsible.

What are bases?

Refers to the place where you can rent and return Kyo-Bike e-BIKE.

Can I use e-BIKE rental services in other regions?

There is an e-BIKE rental service in the Kyoto by the Sea area, but at the moment it is only available at three locations: "Kyotango City Forest Park Swiss Village", "Ukawa Onsen Yoshino no Sato" and "Ikari Kogen Steakhouse".

What can the app do?

You can make rental reservations, pay rental fees, use details/history (payment management), check e-BIKE riding history (only when you press the REC button), search for information on nearby detours, and receive various notifications.

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About usage

How do I rent an e-BIKE?

You can make a rental reservation from the Kyo-Bike website or app, or if there is space at the base, you can rent it directly.

What should I do to rent out the e-BIKE I reserved at the base?

Please come to the store during business hours and tell the reception staff the "reservation code" issued at the time of reservation.

How do I return the bicycle?

Please return the e-BIKE to the rental location after use.

*Please contact the rental location in advance if you wish to return the item to a location other than the rental location.
* A drop-off fee will be charged if the vehicle is returned to a location other than the rental location.

Can I lend the borrowed e-BIKE to a third party?

No one other than the applicant can use it.

* Excludes applications by the representative of a rental reservation for a group (multiple people).

Can I use it without making a reservation?

If there is an e-BIKE available at the base, it is possible to rent it.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

You can reserve an e-BIKE from two months in advance.
If it is not actually used on the reservation date, it will be automatically canceled.

* Since it is a rental service, please cancel as soon as possible if you cannot use it.

How do I find my reserved e-BIKE?

Please call the counter staff at the rental location you reserved.

Where can I check the location of the base?

The location of the base is posted on the application and "How to use Kyoto Bike" on the website.

If you go to the base, do you always have an e-BIKE?

During rental of e-BIKE, it may be empty or full due to repairs, collection of abandoned vehicles, etc.
Please understand that it is a rental service, and check the situation of the base in advance, such as apps and websites.

Do I have to return the e-BIKE to the same location where I rented it?

You can return the e-BIKE to any location, but there will be a separate collection fee for the e-BIKE.

Can I return it at a place other than the base?

It cannot be returned outside the base. If it is difficult to return the item to the rental location, please return it to the nearest location.

Can I park my rented e-BIKE outside the base?

If it is an area where bicycle parking is possible, you can stop it as a temporary bicycle parking. Park your bicycle in a safe place such as a public bicycle parking lot.
Please be sure to return it to the base at the end of use.

*Please note that you will be charged even during temporary parking.
*If you park your bicycle in an area where parking is prohibited and it is removed, you will be responsible for all costs associated with removal, storage, and return.

Can I find out the rental status of e-BIKEs at each location?

You can check it on the app and website.

I parked my e-BIKE at the base, but there is no staff and I cannot return it. What should I do now?

If it is during the business hours of the base, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait until the staff returns.
If the business hours have already passed, it will be judged that it has been extended, and the extension procedure has already been carried out, so please return it the next day.

How do you use the electric assist function?

After renting a bicycle (unlocked), press the power button on the left side of the handle to turn it on and wait for about 2 seconds.
If the battery level/assist mode part is lit, the assist function is enabled.
The assist function works from the start of running, so please be careful when you start rowing.

The strength of the assist can be adjusted with the "MODE" button.
"MODE": Switches each time you press it (eco ⇒ auto ⇒ power)

Can I check the battery level of the electric assist bicycle?

You can check it on the power panel attached to the handle of the e-BIKE.

How far can an electric assist bicycle run?

It will also change depending on the assist mode, driving conditions, user's physique, temperature and weather on the day. It is not a guarantee, but it is a reference value under a fully charged situation.

[Standard pattern] Power mode = 48km / Auto mode = 67km / Eco mode = 94km

What happens to the electric assist bicycle if the battery runs out on the way?

It is possible to continue running as a normal bicycle without the assist function.
However, please return it to the nearest base before the battery runs out.
Before using the bicycle, be sure to check the remaining battery power on the power panel attached to the handlebar of the bicycle.

The battery has run out during use, can you replace the e-BIKE (or the battery)?

Battery replacement is available at the rental base. Also, if there is an e-BIKE vacancy, we also support transfers.
However, please note that exchange services are not available at locations other than the rental location.

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About usage fee and time

From what time to what time can I use the bicycle?

From 10:00 to 17:00

*In the case of Kyotango City Forest Park Swiss Village, it is available from 9:00.

How much does it cost to use it?

It depends on your plan. Please see the "Rental Rates" page.

Can I pay by cash, bank transfer, QR code payment, or transportation IC card payment?

Only credit cards are accepted, but in the case of direct rental at the local window, cash payment is possible.

* Direct rental at the local window is possible only when there is a vacant e-BIKE.

How should I pay the usage fee?

Please register your credit card and pay for the usage fee.
When using a group (multiple people), if the representative makes a reservation for multiple e-BIKEs at once, we will pay for the number of units used at once.

What credit cards can I use?

Visa, Master, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners are available.

* Including other credit cards with the Visa and MasterCard marks.
*Debit cards (VISA debit, JCB debit, etc.) and prepaid cards cannot be used.

Is it possible to pay for the Kyoto Bike using Osaifu-Keitai, QR code payment, transportation IC card payment, etc.?

We only accept payment by registered credit card.

Can I pay with a transportation IC card, QR code payment, or bank cash card?

Transportation IC cards, QR code payments, and bank cash cards cannot be used for payment.

Can I check my usage history and charges?

If you make a reservation using the app, you can inquire within the app.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancellation charges may apply.Please see the "Rental Rates" page.

Can you issue a receipt?

Kyo-Bike Service does not offer a receipt issuing service.
Please consult with the rental location, or use the "usage history" of the app, etc., or your credit card statement as a receipt.

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About various change procedures

Where can I change my registered information?

You can change it from the app, etc.

What should I do if I change mobile phone companies (MNP)?

If there is a change in the registered e-mail address, please change the e-mail address using the app.
If you have registered with an e-mail address that does not depend on a mobile phone company such as Gmail, you do not need to change your e-mail address.

What if I want to change my credit card number?

Please perform the change procedure in the application etc.

I would like to change my billing plan, what should I do?

You can change it from the app, etc.

How can I cancel my membership?

When canceling membership registration, please follow the procedure from the app etc. by yourself.

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About troubles and accidents

What should I do if the borrowed e-BIKE breaks down before use?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the KYOBIKE office by phone (075-882-3309) or email (

What should I do if my borrowed e-BIKE is punctured or stolen?

Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309).
We will respond after confirming your name, contact information, situation, rental details, etc.
Reception hours are 10:00-17:00

What should I do in case of an accident?

If you are involved in an accident while using the service, please take the necessary measures stipulated by law, such as immediately contacting the police.
After that, please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309) with the date, time, location, cause, and circumstances of the accident.
If it is necessary to settle the accident, etc., the customer is responsible for doing so.
In addition, notwithstanding the above, in the event that the Company incurs damage, including cases in which the Company inevitably owes damages to a third party, the Company may claim damages from the customer.

In addition, damage insurance will be applied for accidents during use, but we will not be responsible for anything outside the scope of insurance.
*Insurance fee is included in the usage fee.

What should I do if my e-BIKE is withdrawn?

Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309).
If the bicycle is parked in an area where parking is prohibited and removed, you will be responsible for all costs associated with the removal, storage, and return of the bicycle.

What should I do in case of theft?

Please contact the customer support center (075-882-3309).
If it is caused by the user's negligence, the actual cost will be borne.

Kyo-Bike Service's e-BIKE is abandoned, who should I contact?

Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309).
We will respond after confirming the location and situation.

I haven't received an email from Kyo-Bike, why?

Have you set your mobile phone or email service as spam? If it is set, please allow the specified reception of the domain "". In addition, depending on the procedure, an email with a URL will be sent, so please cancel the setting of "Reject email with URL" on your mobile phone. -For NTTdocomo mobile phonesFor au mobile phonesFor softbank mobile phones
You can check the "updated & topics" on the Kyoto Bike website.

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Do you have stroller rentals?

Not currently serving

Do you have baggage storage service?

We will respond to the extent possible at the window of each base.
*Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309) for details such as hours and fees.

Would you like to use it in a group?

For groups of 10 or more, please contact the KYOBIKE office (075-882-3309).

Is there a parking lot at the KYOBIKE office (075-882-3309)?

is not. If you come by car, please use the paid parking lot in the surrounding area.

Is it possible to publish in a magazine?

Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309).

Is it possible to establish a new base?

Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309).

Can I inspect and report on Kyo-Bikes?

Please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309) or Kyotango City Hall Tourism Promotion Section (0772-69-0450).

Do I need to contact you to link to the Kyo-Bike website?

Links to personal blogs and social network sites do not require contact.
However, if you are a corporation, please contact the KYOBIKE secretariat (075-882-3309).

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